because we all sometimes need the hope that things will work out in our favor,

 because we sometimes need to be reminded to treat others the way we want to be treated,

 because sometimes we need assurance that even though the end of something seems like everything is falling apart, it really could be falling together,

because sometimes life can bring us to high highs and low lows (sometimes monthly and sometimes hourly) and it can be hard to roll with the punches,

and because we all have bad days & need to know they'll come to an end.


Mix No. 11

It is finally that time *insert confetti + christmas emojis here*
last year's holiday playlist was a bit of a favorite of mine so I think it's going to become a yearly thing!
Plus it's December now so I have no shame whatsoever in sharing this & Hannah won't yell at me for listening to Christmas music now that Thanksgiving is long over. Below are some of my new found favorites and also a few classics.

Track List:
i'll be home for christmas // katy mcallister
all i want for christmas is you // auditorium
joy to the world // handsome & gretyl
last christmas! // the kiss away trail
little saint nick // she & him
more than i wished for // schuyler fisk
no christmas for me // zee avi
rockin around the christmas tree // brenda lee
someday at christmas // jack johnson
the christmas song // she & him
twinkle (little christmas lights) // jd mcpherson
all that i want // the weepies


November In Pictures

November 2014, in all the glory known as "only one full week of school out of the whole the whole month" was practically a never ending 30 day celebration. Inclusive of a Zion's Youth concert, presidential election party, trip to the happiest place on earth, vacation to San Clemente, and multiple polaroids and nights out, it couldn't have been more marvelous.

San Clemente 2014

 Over this long thanksgiving weekend I took the funnest little trip down to see some cute cousins and spend a bit of time with family. They had just moved down to the cutest little house ever that is literally just a golf cart ride away from the ocean. It was so great we may have jumped for joy.
 after this weekend my instagram flow might think it's summer...
beach bum. Literally.
arguably the best part about California: the little pink leaves/flowers/whatever they are EVERYWHERE 
 the view was ok I guess...
I wasn't joking one bit when I said the beach was just a golf cart ride away



 This past long weekend I went on the funnest trip to Disneyland. And let me tell ya, I was happier than a bird with a churro crumb over there. It was so much fun to be in Disney and even more fun to be surrounded by some of my favorite people in the universe. Earlier in the week Eliza sent us a random text one morning throwing it out there that we should make this happen. Some convincing of the parentals and the purchasing of a ticket were basically all it took. My Monday and Tuesday were filled with obnoxious screams and contagious laughs as we rode tower of terror at least 10 times and ate an uncountable number of churro bites. 
 the world needs more people like my friends.
 as we went around the park the reoccurring question was asked, "Disneyland or photoshoot?" (knowing me, photoshoot) but why not both?
The most amazing thing I've ever tried in my life: pear soda. Whaaaa? 
Also, not pictured but we basically lived off of churro bites. If i had a dollar for every time we passed up a churro stand, I would have zero dollars. If I had a nickel for every time I found cinnamon in my shirt, I would have a couple nickels.
get your kicks on…^ 


Sweet Suites + Political Parties

 For the past few weeks we have joined the workforce. As this past election was approaching one of my close friend's mom was in need of our help in her office. Our days were spent campaigning, calling in behalf of candidates, over-the-phone surveying, and a lot of leaving voicemails & getting hung up on. We also put up a few signs and blew up a few red, white, & blue balloons here and there. Our hard work paid off in the most wonderful way when we were invited to attend the election party the other night. It was such a fun time getting dressed up for an evening and pretending to fit in amongst the politicians and Las Vegas socialites. 
a little thought of the night ^^


MIX NO. 10

wouldn't it be nice // the beach boys
gently // you|+me
magic of love // kathryn ostenberg
oh my stars // andrew belle
come awake // the lower 48
hold me // tom odell
from eden // hozier
style // taylor swift
medicine // the 1975
grow old with me // tom odell
forgive & forget // the kooks
rich girl // hall & oates
what would i do without you // drew holcomb
over you (ft. a great big world) // ingrid michaelson
you and i // wilco