One of the absolute best parts about fall is the chance to hear from the prophets and apostles in General Conference. It is so great to spend a weekend just snuggled up in bed getting refined and inspired by these incredible men. I thought I'd share a few bits from my notes & my favorite parts from this session.

Dieter F. Uchdorf: 
-Satan uses our weaknesses against us to discourage us
-if we look only through our eyes we may not seem good enough but the Savior sees all that we can become

M. Russel Ballard:
-we make a mistake to only see the natural man in people rather than God's divine creation

Richard J. Maynes:
-the center of our lives must be Jesus Christ so that he can mold us into what we need to be to return to live with him

Larry R. Lawrence:
-we must be willing to act if we receive an answer from the spirit
-the holy ghost will give customized counsel when we ask "how can  improve myself?"
-the spirit works at our own speed
-examine yourself when you take the sacrament
-"what is keeping ME from progressing?"
-be persistent but never discouraged

Thomas S. Monson:
-speak to others with patience and respect
-it is our opportunity to bring hope to the hopeless as Christ did
-as we emulate his example, we will bless lives, including our own
-read, study, and ponder the scriptures to increase your faith
-"search diligently, pray always, and be believing and all things will work out for your good"
-purity will qualify us for the Savior's promises
-the Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom should I be afraid?"

Dale G. Renlund:
-the Lord hasn't called you for what you have done but for what you will do through Him
-to correctly serve others we must see them through Heavenly Father's eyes

Henry B. Eyering:
-the spirit makes what is right seem more appealing
-"this promise alone should make us want to live in a way to qualify"
-the spirit will send you more impressions as you obey
-obey with confidence and Heavenly Father will send the spirit to help you
-"ALWAYS remember him and keep his commandments that they may ALWAYS have the spirit to be with them" is a divine promise

Allen D. Haynie:
-do not decieve yourself about what it takes to be clean for Heavenly Father
-Heavenly Father understands it all perfectly and will never deem us too far gone
-things of eternal significance are rarely easy

Kim B. Clark:
-"we do not need to be perfect but we do need to be good and getting better"

Elder Bednar:
-adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing
-the older I get, the more I realize family is the center of happiness 


Fall Lately

 GUYS!! Las Vegas temperatures dropped like 1,000,000 degrees this weekend and it was pouring rain so that officially means that I can make a fall blog post without feeling desperate for summer to be over already. So besides that huge deal, here are a few other reasons why fall is in full swing and I could not be more excited about it. 
 I managed to sneak away from homecoming set up for like 5 minutes to go pick up a chocolate chip cookie bucket for us hard working senior class stu-co and discovered that Trader Joe's has pumpkins (and they are perfect… if I wasn't in such a hurry I would have bought all of them. Without question).
 Also, conference Sunday I got to take a walk with a very sweet boy in one of our favorite places, Calico Basin. It was also a great opportunity to wear my new Hunters!!! (I've wanted these for so long nobody even understands)
 It's also fall because I'm still drowning in thank you cards from my birthday (exactly a month ago from tomorrow so it's safe to say I'm a little behind… If you haven't gotten yours don't be offended… practically nobody has)
 It's fall because I took my school pictures. Last picture day I'll ever have. It's casual.
 I've been getting sweet treats from a secret admirer lately too...
 Our seminary teacher taught a lesson the other day about a man who asked a woman to bake him a pie. After she did so and gave it to him, she asked him why he wanted her to do that. The man replied by saying, "well aren't you supposed to serve the ones you love?" 
you sneaky boy. 
 and you know it's fall because homecoming decorations are in full force. practically dropped all other responsibilities to help our class president with this stuff that's how you know it's gonna be real. 



I read an article a few weeks ago before school started on bbonafide.com about how if you would write down three things at the end of each day that were positive for 21 consecutive days, your life would never be the same. Now I don't know if that's exactly true because I was so so content with my life to begin with but in my experience I've never regretted that I took the time to jot dow these few little things. It really trains your brain to recognize every good thing that's in your life. The crazy thing is that even on my bad days, it's not difficult to find three things that are good in my life still. I resolved to try to do it for the rest of my senior year to document all the little wonders that occur daily. Here's what I came up with from the past month (and a few little stragglers of August too):



 For as long as I can remember, at the beginning of the school year, the seniors wear their crowns, spell out witty phrases with their shirts (we are so done '16 for example), take the class panoramic picture on the bleachers, and indulge in a super delicious gourmet breakfast (usually inclusive of donuts and a juice box) courtesy of student council. For some reason the memory has stuck with me throughout all my years of high school of way back in 2012 when one of my senior friends was driving me and a few other unlicensed freshmen from seminary to school on the day of his senior breakfast. He had a crown in his car and we all were wondering what it was for and he just said something about it being a senior privilege. And I just thought that it would be so so long until I would be a senior and get to be doing those things. And flash forward to today, I did those things. It's just hard to believe it's the beginning of the end already.
 I woke up at 4:30 am to be able to set up by 5 am to have the field ready by 6:15 am so you could imagine how real the exhaustion was. I'm the kind of person that can hardly even function when I don't have my sleep so there were several mental breakdowns. The epitome of these was while sitting in our senior class president's mom's car (so that I could have some light in the pre-dawn pitch blackness) trying to untangle a knot of tassels (the very ones you see in that picture up there) and I couldn't help but start bawling because I got 5 hours of sleep and the dang tassels would not cooperate. I pulled it together real fast though because a few angel freshmen woke up early to help us too and untangled it for me. 
"Team work makes the dream work" 
-Caroline Vacante, PVHS Stu-Co advisor
 my main Os
the best part of the morning was the golden lighting no joke
family pic
 we DONUT want to grow up
 and hanging up this sign for the panoramic picture was a struggle let me tell ya.
one of the hilights of this morning that I hope I don't forget was when me and Bethany (the greatest senior class president there ever was) were in the field, surrounded by all of our fellow class mates, probably some high school musical song hand picked for the playlist playing in the background, and she looks at me and just says "we're seniors" and we had a cheesy moment to reflect on the fact that we are leaving soon and this is real life. Bethany if you're reading this thanks for carrying out and creating the best traditions in the most wonderful way. The class of 2016 would be pretty depressing without all your hard work. 



 Eliza Fellows is the greatest human being on the planet because she hooked all of us up with the funnest trip up to Provo for the weekend to see one of the greatest BYU games in history. It was so fun to get a little taste of college life this weekend (scary thought that'll be me in a short year).
^actual proof we stood on the field
 also let's please talk about the amazing food that is found in Provo. We are addicts.
Waffle Love aka the greatest thing ever
 and if you ever find yourself at Rita's Frozen Custard do yourself a favor and get mango ice with vanilla custard. 
 we also took a little drive up to squaw peak (aka squad peak)
 and we got to see Eliza's famous cousin Emily Lewis play volleyball
 and to top the weekend all off we snuck into a college party without any suspicions
one more year till we don't have to fake it. Whaaaat?



 Because only one day isn't good enough... I need the whole labor day weekend to celebrate my passage into seventeenhood (or maybe rather I just have amazing friends that are willing to fill the ENTIRE weekend with an incredible activity every single day). Seriously guys I can't even express it. I feel SO loved after this weekend it feels like a dream. I have the best people out there tucked into my little circle of friends.
 Friday we had no school because of a "staff development day" (PRAISE CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT) so the celebrations began there. Jacob took me out to treat me to a little pedicure and possibly the best part... he decided to get one for himself. Seriously this will become a regular thing it was so funny.
"how does it feel Jacob?"
"it feels like my feet are on a cloud. I don't think I'll be able to walk after this"
 after all that we went and got dressed up for more birthday surprises. Jacob took me out to the Ghiradelli factory and we feasted on this little gem
 and for the first time ever I got to go on the High Roller (thanks mama Danielle!). I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner!! The view was incredible from every angle.
 After the High Roller we drove back to Summerlin and I found out when Jacob pulled up to his grandparent's house that him and his family had spent the day setting up this gorgeous little scene complete with lights, roses, and a little space for dancing. And we waltzed. I'm still not sure if this was real life or not because it really really felt like a dream.
 Saturday (September 5th) was my actual birthDAY and I was treated by my little brother and sister and Jacob (notice the heart out of whipped cream and fruit) to chocolate waffles in bed. For as long as I can remember this has been a family tradition and it makes me so sad to think that this could be my last birthday getting it before I go live in a dorm and have to make my own birthday waffles in bed,
 after a fun filled day of shopping and apple store browsing I had a little family dinner at CPK and we indulged in a complimentary birthday ice cream. 
 after dinner a few friends suspiciously dragged me away from my house for an hour and I came home to THIS!
 a room full of pictures... somebody knows the way to my heart
I can not wait for homecoming with this sweet boy!
    photo output_zfODiL_zpsrpwyxf0p.gif
Monday morning I woke up to this^^ 
 these crazy homegirls broke and entered my room and had me going to my birthday surprise before I could even brush my teeth or hair
 the Wynn Buffet was to DIE for. We stuffed ourselves with a 4 course breakfast it's casual.
 and I had my turn wearing the birthday girl shirt :)))
 we finished the long weekend off by having a spectacular lake day
MASSIVE MASSIVE HUGE GINORMOUS thank you to every single person who made my seventeenth so incredibly grand. I have never felt so loved, appreciated, and adored as I have this past weekend. I truly have the best boyfriend, friends, and family in the universe. I love you all!