Do What You Love

also, currently obsessed with these bracelets^^


Battle of the Sexes

Battle week is basically just an excuses to wear super fun/embarrassing things to school for five days. The girls & boys compete and are judged according to who dresses up/participates the most, etc. (and of course for the second year in a row the girls won) And what better theme for this year than 50's/Grease. It was adorable. These times are just so special to me. To me this is what I'm going to look back on and remember about high school- participating in these little traditions.

Monday- beach day
people hate taking polariods (apparently the hassle of finding correct lighting, waiting for it to develop, only getting one chance at perfection, etc. isn't worth it) but I'm glad they put up with me and we take them anyways :)
Wednesday- Mathletes vs. athletes day (obviously we gravitated towards being mathletes)
Thursday- Pink ladies day
Friday- Assembly day
& the door decorating committee was a huge success, if I do say so myself. 
(or at least it was until the winds came and blew it down whoops)


Life Lately: March

This month has done me so well. There were so many occasions to enjoy- namely a few (two) of my closest friends celebrated their sixteenth birthdays! What a splendid time it was to celebrate with them at sweet, sweet Serendipity and the Gatsby mansion (a.k.a. Syd's backyard). Other hilights included getting my permit, welcoming my little sister into young women's, attending our church's production Zion's Youth, and getting through day one of spirit (battle of the sexes) week. 
An additional exciting thought: its quarter 4! I think I can make it through the next 2 months (64 days & counting)
the best is yet to come
(p.s. I'm really loving this new life lately format… I think it's here to stay)


A Gatsby Soiree

Whisper the password, enter the speakeasy, come as a flapper, comas you are, come as a dapper gent or a silent screen star. There could be no more perfect a way to celebrate my dear friend Sydney & her friend Rylee's 16th birthday. We dressed up (in the way that I would love to be able to dress everyday) and danced all night. Even though my heels were off a half hour into the night, I don't think my feet have ever hurt so much. It was most definitely NOT your average cliche 1920's party. The entire evening can be summarized in these pictures and the following sentence: a little party never killed nobody.

one of my favorite shots of the night ^
what a mighty fine bunch

and what party would be complete without a video?

I am so blessed to have such a lovely friend like you Syd. Thank you for the splendid night- it is without a doubt one for the books


I Got This

lately my life has been consumed by a never ending pile of worksheets to finish, notes to take, books to study, and tests to (attempt to) ace. So pictured above is my main source of motivation/inspiration in this treacherous journey through learning (it's been especially treacherous lately). Enjoy.


Sweet Serendipity (Happy Sweet 16 Lex!)

Located on the Las Vegas Strip just adjacent to the iconic fountains of Caesars Palace is the delightful little restaurant known as Serendipity 3 where one of my dearest friends would celebrate her sweet sixteen. We indulged in their famous frozen hot chocolate, celebrated Lexi's advance into sixteenhood, ate until we all felt like we would burst with the most delectable food and desserts, and of course documented these exceptional moments with a million pictures + videos. It was such an outstanding night! Lexi, thank you for being the Meredith to my Christina, putting up with all of my idiosyncrasies, and planning such a spectacular evening.  

(she isn't actually Jewish. We just really wanted to lift her in a chair)
sore feet has become a signature thing of ours… it's actually kind of an issue

and thank you Sydney for inspiring me to last minute document the occasion with a video.


February Hilights

Perhaps it was the fact that this was a 28 day month, or maybe I just had an immense amount of school work distracting me from what really matters in life- blogging and taking pictures (just kidding). Truly though, February was incredibly uneventful with a record breaking low of 3 blog posts (counting this one). However, the stunning lack of photos and documentation inspired me to veer a bit from the ordinary and try something a little unique and different for life lately according to pictures recaps. I personally think this new little ensemble of pictures is wonderful.