Lately life has been full of helping Eliza with her campaign video. This consists of throwing chalk at her, a lot of giggles, and ultimately just one big photo shoot.

 lots of chalk in the grass (also new sandals for the win)
 little things like this to brighten up my day
 the list of things I love doing with Eliza is extensive, but our little drives would fall somewhere near the top of that list.



 Today was one of those rarest of rare days that I wake up to a text from Hannah saying, "AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS!?" and I look out my widow and see fresh snow scattered all along the un-expecting bushes and trees of Las Vegas. Apparently days like this only happen once every five years. So when they do it is 100% appropriate to run outside and have a photo shoot before school starts, the sun comes out, the snow melts, and Summerlin returns to it's everyday winter wonderland-less self. It was a February 23 miracle.
words do not even begin to express the pure joy that was felt when taking these pictures.
candids of Hannah about to drive through this winter wonderland
 It may or may not have taken me over 15 minutes to drive the usual 5 minute route to seminary because I had to pull over and take a couple million pictures along the way.
 and a little drive up Redrock did me very well because the snow actually stuck up there.
"look at the skyyy!!"
Thats apparently Las Vegas for ya- 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday, snowing on Monday. (I'm not complaining though)



This post is in honor of the best/worst holiday of the entire year- Valentines Day!
I came across this pin the other day and absolutely fell in love with it. I was so inspired to make my own little valentines for my nearest and dearest.  
 To make the cards I started by just painting strokes of different shades of pink and red all over a few pieces of watercolor paper. After that dried I traced hearts on the back of the paper, cut them out, and added names to make them a bit more personalized...
 To make the Hershey Kiss pretzels I followed this recipe. They were so easy- it probably took a total of 30 minutes to pop out 100+
 yay valentines treats for EVERYONE!
Other valentine's day festivities included me and Lexi being crazy enough to think that we could cut out 3,000+ hearts for everyone in the entire school to have one with their name on it. It only took 4,782,941,908+ hours to finish the biggest student council obligation of our lives. 
stay tuned when we clover attack the school for St. Patrick's day (just kidding that's NOT going to happen)



 Weekend adventures to the caves are always fun. Especially when they are with these golden people, and especially when the boys bring a few roman candles along.
 you're a wizard, Jacob.
we tried so so hard to get a picture with the roman candle going off. It kind of worked… ish
 look at the tiny iPhone quality view of the Las Vegas strip… I don't really recognize it often but we live in such a cool place.
thanks for being designated photographer tonight, Emma. I sure am glad to have a few tickets back to this night.



 Lately it feels like these posts have just become a big blur of random compilations of miscellaneous snapshots- but that's kind of what life has been like lately. It's been full of ups and downs and often I find myself having so much fun I simply forget to take pictures of it. But here are a few of the little gems that I've managed to get these past few weeks.
Redrock adventures 
 two MUCH needed trips to the temple with a few of my favorite girls
 new beginnings & cheesy polaroids
it's been pretty grand. 


January In Pictures

January was full of many adventures, high highs, and low lows. I'll remember these times for a while I think. 


Mix No. 12

1. all my loving // the well pennies
2. do you wanna dance // we are the strike
3. wake me up before you go go // wham
4. fell in love without you // motion city soundtrack
5. big jet plane (acoustic) // angus + julia stone
6. boomerang // lucy schwartz
7. stubborn lover // sugar & the hi lows
8. cheerleader (felix jaehn remix) // omi
9. dear sweetheart // priscilla ahn
10. sleeping with a friend // neon trees
11. eres tu // carla morrison
12. give up the ghost // rose golan
13. my girl // the temptations
14. oh pretty woman // ray orbison
15. sunrise // norah jones