Mix No. 12

1. all my loving // the well pennies
2. do you wanna dance // we are the strike
3. wake me up before you go go // wham
4. fell in love without you // motion city soundtrack
5. big jet plane (acoustic) // angus + julia stone
6. boomerang // lucy schwartz
7. stubborn lover // sugar & the hi lows
8. cheerleader (felix jaehn remix) // omi
9. dear sweetheart // priscilla ahn
10. sleeping with a friend // neon trees
11. eres tu // carla morrison
12. give up the ghost // rose golan
13. my girl // the temptations
14. oh pretty woman // ray orbison
15. sunrise // norah jones


Week In Review

a few hilights of the beginning of this new year have included the following:
 being the lame people that we are, one of our new favorite Saturday night past times is going to pet-co and playing with the puppies there. 
spontaneous sprinkles outings
 I also took a hike. Besides falling down a 10 foot cliff backwards, through a bush, and into a puddle (no exaggeration) it was great.
 and YAY for Dylan because he got his eagle!!!
even though winter break is now over and the deadly week of finals is coming up, the past few days have been pretty grand.



I said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 in the best way: with 13 of my nearest and dearest, 14 bottles of apple cider (do the math- one bottle for each of us with one left over), 2 shattered ceramic vases, 30 dollar store balloons, zero new years kisses, and 180+ photo booth pictures. I couldn't have thought of a better way to ring in the new year. If there's one thing I've learned from tonight it's that it is always a good idea to go out to the dollar store with Eliza and Savannah on the afternoon of December 31 to get decorations for a last minute wild party (aka just another night with friends + decorative photo booth)…
 candid queens...
 "QUICK SMILE ELIZA!!! This is the last picture that will be taken of you in 2014!!!"

*it is absolutely crazy for me to think that next year I'll be ringing in 2016… my graduation year. So much can happen just by waking up for 365 consecutive days it's kind of freaky. But I am filled with both high hopes and expectations for all that this year will bring.


December In Pictures

December was truly one for the books. A few things pictured above include winter week pajama day, holiday service projects, donut and hot chocolate tailgates after the nativity, Christmas eve snow man traditions, Mt. Charleston adventures, and Christmas Sunday. Goodbye December (and goodbye 2014).



For as long as I can remember I've spent the day before Christmas up in Mount Charleston sledding and having snowball fights (which over the years has evolved for me into just one big winter photo shoot). Even though this time there wasn't near enough snow and I somehow managed to pour BOILING HOT milk from the hot chocolate all over my hand this was possibly one of the best years yet.
jump for joy because… TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS
 he did a good job concealing it but I'm pretty sure we broke Jacob while taking this picture...
 polaroids polaroids polaroids
 I love this crazy family of mine. 
One of the best parts about this tradition is bringing the snow back down to Las Vegas where we build a snowman in the middle of the road. Don't even ask me what his eyes and mouth are made out of though...
& Christmas eve pajamas for the win



 this past week was the annual winter week. It's the week before winter break- the week that every day we all dress up in something wintery (even if it may only be 60 degrees outside), the week that we volunteer in fun places like the magical forest, the week that you can find christmas ornaments hanging from the trees in the quad. These little things just make it a little easier for our tired bodies to struggle through the last five days until the much anticipated winter break. It's the most wonderful week of the year.
 it was not nearly cold enough for us to be dressed like this…
 we woke up like this (but not really)
 volunteer worker: "ok we need somebody to dress up as a character"
*Bethany very excitedly runs over to the dressing room to put on her costume*
*volunteer worker holds up the moose head*
*Bethany shoots me and Lexi the look of "what the heck did i just get myself into???"*
 the nativity was also a pretty grand time. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
the fam all dressed up for our ward Christmas party
 a little christmas letter for everybody
 and my little Trader Jo's Christmas tree… it was $15 well spent