This is what we look like roughing it in the woods for one week at Girls Camp. It is no secret that I don't enjoy not washing my hair for three days straight, sleeping with bugs on my freezing cold cot, or having to use a port-a-potty. Tent life is a rough life. But all those things were a small price to pay for the unforgettable memories we made and adventures we had this year.
 we put our lives at risk in the near death experience of rappelling 
(if you look really close you can see the port-a-potties in the background of this picture)
It was little Gabrielle's first year at Girls Camp (obviously we had to take a polaroid together document)
 matching friendship bracelet making is a must at camp. Tassels are a very nice touch
 the ultimate adventure: zip lining. At night. In the dark. I'm so glad that I was able to convince our leaders to let all the Youth Camp Leaders do it. It was probably one of the best memories of camp this year (and a nice reward for working & catching the younger girls on the zip line for 4 hours every single day)
my one girls camp survival tip:
You just have to bring clothes you don't care about and hope for the best…


Summer Kind of Wonderful

summer lately has been hectic but still at the same time oh so wonderful. The following are an accumulation of out of order pictures from the past few weeks of some of this summer's best memories
lake days are grand
cute cousins swims
catching up with a few old friends in Utah
sampling some sodas
and the fourth of July. Happy 238th, America


Waffle Love + Utah Adventures

 post-EFY we had a lot of time to kill. So we tracked down the waffle truck of course
 it's definitely worth the hype. I could marry that sweet, delicious, 8 dollar waffle.
 we also did some adventuring around city creek + temple square. The flowers there never fail to excite.
I love my Syd & am so glad we were able to make this little adventure happen. I'll never forget the waffle truck searching, thrift shop hunting, and eight hours spent alone in the SLC airport waiting for that ridiculous flight.


What A Week

 This past week I got to spend the best seven days I think I'll have all summer with the lovely Sydney and some incredible new friends. EFY has always contained some of my best summer memories these past few years. You grow so much spiritually while getting a whole new family for the week. It is incredible how close you can get with a person in just a matter of short days. I really never wanted to leave this place. And with that grand time my phone gained at least 400 pictures:
 upon arrival + day one
 words can not even express how much I LOVE this picture. I think the best part was that it was just a spontaneous selfie while we were playing games with our group and it turned out being one of the best pictures we took all week.
the creamery is always a delight. Summer bucket list check 
 one of the best adventures we had this week was having EFY tradition, game night, in the rain
(I really wish that I was actually in this picture) ^^
"the poster we made looks a little gay-prideish with all those colors" -Me
"yeah, I really like the man in the skirt holding the trumpet" -James
  green face takeover
 yummy (and super messy) shaved ice
 Thursdays are without a doubt the best day of the week at EFY. Wearing our nice clothes brings the spirit and makes for an absolutely unforgettable experience as we go throughout the day. One of my favorite parts has always been Thursday night when we all stand up and sing the EFY Medley together.  There is always something so touching about us all standing and singing such a profound song together as a group. I get chills every time without fail.
 Amanda, Rachel, Syd, Abby, Me, + Summer featuring "the hedge"
thanks for the memories. I'll remember this outstanding week for the rest of my life

Read about last year here


Make A Keychain

 A super exciting thing has been happening lately and that is nearly all my friends have gotten or are about to get their drivers licenses. So more and more lately I have found myself scrolling through pinterest on the hunt for some cute keychains to give as gifts/keep for myself and I was so inspired by this pin and this one I decided to try it out myself. They turned out pretty splendid if you ask me.
You will need:
+ key rings (probably the most important)
+ craft floss (for the ombre tassel I used twine)
+ a strip of leather
+ a hot glue gun

You'll also need some scissors, a piece of cardboard/notebook/something to wrap the string around.
+ fabric dye (if you want to make an ombre tassel)

 making a tassel is super simple:

  1. First off, wrap the string around a piece of cardboard. The more you wrap around the thicker the tassel will be (I personally like mine somewhere in between thick and thin)
  2. After you pull the string off, take a separate piece of the same color string (or not) and tie a knot in it in the very middle
  3. Fold it in half so the string you tied in step two is at the top of the tassel. Then snip the ends so they aren't connected anymore
  4. Take another separate piece of string and tie it about a fourth of the way down the tassel. (Tie it then circle the pieces around a couple times then tie it again to make it super secure)
to make the ombre keychain on the far left I referred to this tutorial
I loved the look of mixing different colored tassels with the leather.

for the leather tassel:
*You want to first cut slits in the leather. I bought my piece already cut so I skipped this step :)

  1. take one of the pieces you cut (two if you want to be safe) and loop it through the key ring. You'll want to glue this down and cut off the extra so the little short pieces don't stick out
  2. put a dot of glue on the side of those pieces and start rolling. Then just continue until it's all rolled up. I ended up adding a second strip of leather to make it a little bit thicker.
  3. thats really it :)

 Seriously these keychains just make me so much more excited to get my own set of keys very soon :))


June In Pictures

What a grand past 30 days. Perhaps the most exciting/memorable/drastic thing is that school is OVER (there really were times I never thought I'd make it through sophomore year) and with that the summer flow began. The first thing we checked off the summer bucket list was take a great trip to this great little place called Coronado Island where some fantastic pictures were taken + memories were made. The movie for The Fault In Our Stars came out (car ride home from the midnight premiere pictured above), I had the most incredible experience taking a temple trip with my little sister for the first time, the lovely Hannah joined me for an adventure to an outdoor play, and a few photo shoots occurred. I also probably had at least one of these popsicles every day.



Reason number 5,245,754 to love summer: I can take little adventures to a wonderful place called Tivoli  (you might remember from this lovely post) to have a mini photo shoot. It was such a perfect day for just this. The skies were actually a bit overcast and in a huge twist of events it wasn't 110 degrees outside. I mean, what else would you want to do on a day like today?
my favorite shot of the day^^
 a new store opened up in Tivoli called Paper Source and it might just be my new favorite thing. The beautiful display windows adorned with paper flowers caught my eye and somehow we wandered in. Upon entering we found they were having a fun little crafting event where we could sample and use their gold stamps & letterpress machines to make bookmarks. So of course we did.
i'm pretty sure Gabrielle was a model in a past life
aaand we finished off the day by getting my favorite candy in the world (strawberry sour belts)