This year to celebrate the fourth we all went out on the lake for an adventurous day. A few hilights included falling off the tube and being kneed in the stomach by one of these two, getting slightly scratched up by an avalanche of rocks trying to climb up a rock to cliff jump, and getting an insane rope burn and bruise after falling off the knee board and being pushed under water by the tube. But it's okay because Jacob wake boarded and learned to ski for the first time and Eliza learned to knee board and ski. Plus we got some grand pictures out of this joyous day.
 ^this is not fair
 sorry for cropping you out Jacob, you jumped in too fast
also can we take a moment to enjoy Jacob's hair & that little photo-bomber in the back 
^this picture was taken about 3 seconds before this happened...

And the following pictures have nothing to do with our July fourth adventures but I felt the need to share how lucky I am...
 Jacob built this little teepee on his trampoline and set up a projector & screen so we could watch a movie in it and it was basically THE coolest thing ever


June In Pictures

June has been spectacular and inclusive of:
+the last day of junior year
+6 total raspberry shakes at Bear Lake
+an uncountable amount of blisters from the worst sunburn of my life (thanks Bear Lake)
+several dates with a cute boy
+one brand new camera lens
+lots of hope for the summer adventures that are yet to come in July (CHT!!)



 For as long as I can remember I've spent a few days of the summer up in Bear Lake at my grandparent's cabin for our annual family reunion. It can be SUPER chaotic at times because we pack all 9 of my dad's siblings, their spouses, and their children (literally at least 50 people) into one huge cabin for  the entire week but some of the best memories by far are made within that window of madness...
 this year for the first time my dad drove 13 hours from Las Vegas to Bear Lake so that we could have our boat up there and I think even he would agree it was more than worth it
 my uncle also brought up his little sail boat and it was fun until the wind died down and we had to start rowing
 hair is a struggle up there man..
 the other best part of Bear Lake: raspberry shakes
 if you didn't get a raspberry shake did you even go to Bear Lake? The answer is a firm no
if you look closely in this picture you can see the beginnings of the WORST sunburn I've had in my entire life
and the view from the deck is not too bad at all.
Thanks Bear Lake, you were good to me this year.


Summer Theatre

 It has become a new tradition to go to the outdoor theatre in Red Rock with Hannah. It is so cool to sit in the cold grass surrounded by the prettiest mountains while watching a play. It was also the perfect opportunity to test out my new camera lens before it goes of and makes some wedding videos (exciting things coming soon people get excited!!)
 See… PRETTIEST mountains ever
 while waiting for the play to start we had a chance to read our summer books
you can read about last year's outdoor adventure somewhere 


Go Pros > GPAs

Here are a few pictures from the past few days (inclusive of the last week & day of junior year, and first day of summer)
Even little Charlie is stoked ^^^ 
 one second we were cruising away from school, and the next...
Palani and Jacob (our "car experts") said it was probably a "stripped transmission"
 and that wasn't the only tragedy that happened on our way to sneak into the Mariott pool… Jacob also decided to pull a little stunt that resulted in him loosing half the skin on his toe
 I took little drake to go paint an airplane at my new workplace, Color Me Mine.
Jacob took me to go eat at the place with the best fries in the entire world, Shake Shack
 Me, Eliza, and Sav went down to explore at the container park and found Las Vegas' own little lock bridge

after that little adventure we discovered that Eliza's car was toilet papered (but it's okay because they also put sticky notes on it which we thought was cute) 
 we finally checked a roundabout picnic date off our list of adventures.
and tasting all of the cokes at Coke World… and take my advice do NOT try the one from Italy. Just don't. 


The Junior Year Video

School ends tomorrow and naturally it wouldn't be complete without a hilight video to sum up the year.  This video has been in the works for a solid 9 months and I'd have to say it's one of the best by far.

A few things that have happened to me since August 2014 when all this junior year madness began:
-I turned sixteen and with that got all of the glorified privileges that come with sixteen hood; dating, driving, car ownership, etc.
-I got to have the time of my life at homecoming (freshly able to date and the best first high school dance I could have ever asked for)
-I got (and quit/was fired from) my first job ever at Billy's Barbecue. (But then was temporarily rehired to make a promotional video so no hard feelings)
-I met and became close with a whole group of new people- and it's safe to say that because of this particular occurrence my life will never be the same again
-I lost some of the best friends that I have ever had (which absolutely sucks and is something that I do not advise to anybody)
-I found myself and started making more videos. (Megan + Jaren and Share Goodness were both huge milestones)
-I developed a new appreciation for off roading and hikes

That's all I have time to say because I really need to be studying for my finals for tomorrow but I hope that my little tid bits of life lessons were somewhat helpful...


May In Pictures

May has been wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better last full month of school
 May consisted of:
-4 cans of diet coke with our names on them
-1,000+ sticky notes and toilet paper squares on Eliza's car
-3 last rainy/cold days of the spring
-5 tickets to ride rides at the San Gennaro feast
-1 fancy date with Jacob
-13 official years with my favorite sister
-1 happy mothers day
-606 views on Megan + Jaren's wedding video